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    Our newly created Planning and Programs Division is responsible for researching, developing, implementing, and evaluating innovative approaches to complex criminal justice, public safety and emergency preparedness issues. The following programs are at work in Greene County.

    Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC)
    The ICAC Task Force was created to help federal, state and local law enforcement agencies enhance their investigative responses to offenders who use the Internet, online communication systems, or computer technology to sexually exploit children.

    litter_pickupOffender-Work Program
    Non-violent offenders perform community service in a variety of ways. “Work-teams” and “trustees” are utilized from the Central Virginia Regional Jail, and both juveniles and adults complete community service assignments, such as litter pickup, imposed by the court system.

    Assign-A-Highway Project
    Assign-A-Highway utilizes probationers assigned to pick up litter along the roads. The assignments are written into court documents as conditions of the probation. The program differs from Adopt-A-Highway in which volunteers, such as members of civic groups, willingly volunteer to keep a two-mile section of highway clean. Probationers are picking up litter as part of their punishment.

    Volunteers In Police Services (VIPS)
    Volunteer activities make communities safer, stronger, and better prepared to respond to any emergency situation. It provides opportunities for people to participate in a range of measures to make their families, their homes, and their communities safer from threats of crime, terrorism, and disasters of all kinds.

    Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT)
    Trained CERT members fill a vital role in the moments immediately following an emergency before first responders arrive on scene. Training involves basic disaster preparedness, such as fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization, triage and first aid, disaster psychology and terrorism awareness. CERT members also support emergency response agencies by taking a more active role in emergency preparedness projects in their community, both in spreading the word about preparedness and in assisting agencies during response operations.

    USA On Watch
    Neighborhood Watch is undoubtedly one of the oldest and most well known crime prevention concepts in history. Its roots in America can be traced all the way back to the Colonial days when night watchmen patrolled the streets.

    Refuse To Be A Victim
    Through the Refuse To Be A Victim seminar, you can learn personal safety tips and techniques to avoid dangerous situations and avoid becoming a victim. Hundreds of federal, state, and local law enforcement officials across the country have implemented Refuse To Be A Victim into their crime prevention and community policing initiatives.

    TRIAD is a cooperative effort of law enforcement agencies, senior citizens, and senior organizations, focused on reducing crimes against our seniors.

    Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program
    Eddie Eagle teaches children in pre-K through third grade four important steps to take if they find a gun, in an easy-to-remember format consisting of the following simple rules:  If you see a gun: STOP! Don’t Touch. Leave the Area. Tell an Adult.

    In addition, we offer other safety related classes to citizens, such as:  Firearms Safety, Hunter Education, and Computer/Internet Safety.

    Youth Outreach and Faith-Based Support
    The Greene County Sheriff’s Office fully supports and promotes local and regional programs that focus on youth outreach, crime reduction, increasing rehabilitation efforts, assuring appropriate punishment, job placement, and “reentry” initiatives involving offenders returning to society.

    Citizen Criminal Justice Academy
    During spring and fall, local citizens 18 and older can participate in the Greene County Citizen Criminal Justice Academy. This 10-week program introduces residents to the three components of criminal justice – law enforcement, court process and corrections.

    Student Internship Program
    The Greene County Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to supporting surrounding students as they pursue careers in the criminal justice field.  Interns provide useful human services as they obtain course credits to complete their educational groundwork and gain valuable first-hand experience.

    Current Interns:

    Bryce ArrittBryce Arritt

    My name is Bryce Arritt. I was raised in Greene County and graduated from William Monroe High School in 2013. After high school, I continued my education by attending George Mason University where I just completed my first year majoring in Criminology Law and Society with a minor in Intelligence Analysis. I have been interested in a career in law enforcement for as long as I can remember and am honored to have had the opportunity to intern at the Greene County Sheriff’s Office. I completed an internship under Captain David Roach during my senior year of high school and am now back for another. I have had a great experience and acquired a variety of valuable knowledge while interning at the Sheriff’s Office and am excited to use the information I now have in my future studies as well as a future career in law enforcement. I want to thank everyone at the Sheriff’s Office especially Sheriff Smith and Captain Roach for giving me the opportunity to learn and gain experience in the field that I otherwise would have missed out on.

    Aly SweetanosAly Sweetanos

    My name is Aly Sweetanos. I am a senior at William Monroe High School. I am
    also in the Blue Ridge Virtual Governor’s School program and dual enrolled at PVCC. I
    will be graduating in 2015 and will continue my education at PVCC before transferring
    to a four year college. I am very grateful for the opportunity to intern at the Sheriff’s
    department this year. I will be completing my internship under Captain Roach during
    the school year. Through this experience I hope to gain more knowledge about the
    career I intend to pursue. I would like to thank the Greene County Sheriff’s Office and
    especially my mentor, Captain Roach, for this opportunity.

    Candace WelchCandace Welch

    My name is Candace Welch. I live in Madison County, VA. I am a junior at Virginia State University with a GPA of 3.4. I will be graduating in May 2017 with my Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. I then plan to further my education and attend graduate school to obtain my Master’s degree in Criminal Justice also. My future plans are to one day become a federal probation officer. I want to thank Captain David Roach and all of the Greene County Sheriff’s Office for this opportunity. I am very grateful and excited about the experience I will gain for this internship this summer.

    Brianna AllenBrianna Allen

    My name is Brianna Allen, and I was born and raised in Greene County. I will be a senior at Radford University this fall where I am majoring in Criminal Justice and plan to pursue graduate school after I graduate in 2016. I wish to pursue a career as a Homicide Detective when I am finished with school. My internship opportunity at the Greene County Sheriff’s Office was a very rewarding experience, and I am very excited to apply the knowledge and expertise I have learned to my future career.

    Virginia Sheriffs’ Institute Scholarship Program
    The Virginia Sheriffs’ Scholarship program was established to provide an opportunity for young people across Virginia to pursue an education in criminal justice. ► Click here for details.

    Ride-Along Program
    Citizens are encouraged to participate in our Ride-Along program to get a first-hand experience of what law enforcement work is all about.

    We are fortunate to have two GCSO Chaplains who volunteer spiritual guidance and counseling services.

    Auxiliary/Reserve Program

    Child ID Program