Emergency: 911

Animal Control Division

  • Animal Control Officers get involved in a wide array of encounters between animals and humans.  ACOs are trained law enforcement officers responsible for enforcing county ordinances and state laws that pertain to animals and their treatment. The primary function of a Greene County Sheriff’s Office Animal Control Officer is to help protect county residents while dealing with pets and animals as humanely as possible.

    Animal Control Officer duties include:

    • Enforcement of county codes and state laws that pertain to domestic, as well as wild animals
    • Investigation of animal cruelty complaints
    • Investigation of dog attacks or bites to humans and animals
    • Response to emergencies involving sick or seriously injured domestic animals, including potential human exposure to the rabies virus
    • Removal of stray dogs from streets and other public areas
    • Response to reports of dog attacks on livestock

     Dog licenses are mandatory in Greene County

    A license will ensure quick identification and reunion if your dog becomes lost or missing.

    • All dogs age 4 months and older must be licensed
    • Licenses are good for one year and expire December 31
    • New licenses must be purchased by January 31
    • Animal Control Officers enforce the dog license code

    Penalties for an un-licensed dog

    • A class IV misdemeanor
    • Up to $250 fine